Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Shit - 10/19/12

Hello all!

Congratulations for making it to the end of the week without killing someone, or doing a really good job hiding the body if you did!
Fun fact: Assuming you don't get dead-juice all over the place getting the body
to the dumping site, if you bury a body more than 9 feet deep, most cadaver dogs can't smell it.
Anyway, here is a bunch of shit that made me happy this week:

Well done Halloween makeup makes me happy inside:
This beautiful violin cover of the new James Bond song Skyfall.
Original is by Adele
The Ready-to-Bake sugar cookies from Pillsbury. So yummy. Can't. Stop. Eating.
Old episodes of Doctor Who.
Rude AND not ginger.
Awww, I wanted to be a ginger...I've never been a ginger...
If you are into the macabre and/or learning about everything in the world like me, there is an informative vlog on YouTube called "Ask A Mortician." You learn things about the mortuary trade and she is funny without being irreverent to the subject matter. She also has a website and is on Facebook.
Medieval scholar, mortician, and badass.
This kick ass video of an anteater doing anteater things to the song "Old Time Rock & Roll."
My name is Captain Noche Cuervo and I want ALL THE HUGS.
Random trivia I found out this week: Sammy Davis Jr only had one eye. He lost his left eye in a car accident in November 1954.
His reaction to losing his eye: "Talk about handicap – I'm a one-eyed Negro Jew!"
And this is why he is awesome.
And this video about what really happens when that Gotye song comes on.
The actual music video kind of scares me.
Deadpool rides the invisible horse...Gangnam Style. (Original video for this song is here)
Aw yeah...

Also, my birthday was this past Wednesday. I had a good day (i.e. no one bothered me at work) and then I met David at Shio for some yummy sushi! All in all it was a good birthday.
My dinner. Mmmmmm.
Upper left: House salad with mustard dressing
Upper right: Gyoza (pan fried dumplings...they are like crack)
Lower left: Chicken and Cheese Roll (Crispy chicken filled with crab meat, carrots, and cheese)
Lower right: Sweet Potato Maki (sweet potato tempura in a maki roll) 


Valerie said...

Happy birthday!!! :0)

I like to bury my dead bodies in a cement casing... So far I haven't had any problems with it and its better than digging holes. I hate digging holes...



Melissa Bloechl said...

Who DOESN'T hate digging holes? If I had to dig a hole for every body, I'd have no time to do anything else...

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