Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Shit – 11/9/12

Well, it is the end of another week. Did you make it? I did. Barely.
Above: Accurate representation of my week.
Anyway, fun random fact: An ostrich egg is also the largest existing single cell in the world measuring, on average, 17 inches in circumference. The smallest cell is is the mycoplasma bacterium with only a diameter of 10 micrometres.
Oh shit, stop measuring the egg. They looks PISSED.
Oh man, I think they are going to kick us with their angry talons of death.
Without further ado, here is some shit that made me happy this week:

This beautiful cover of We Found Love by Lindsey Stirling. What makes the video more amazing is that she filmed the video while visiting Kenya and this was the first time any of the natives had heard violin music.
Proving once again that music transcends race, religion, and creed.
This hilarious video about a kid telling his parents he is gay, but it devolves into bartering for his orientation. It is funnier than it sounds. Really. Just watch it.
We don't get magic gay gold?!
The Galaxy Song, because I used to know all the words to it as a kid and I finally saw the movie it belonged to this past week.
Just remember that you're standing on a planet that's evolving,
and revolving at nine hundred miles an hour...
The Avengers gag reel because it is hilariously awesome.
Dammit Mjölnir! Thor, get your shit together.
The Hulk just smashing the shit out of the world.
Dr. Banner, I'm a huge fan of the way you lose control
and turn into an enormous green rage monster.
I went fake shopping on Pinterest. It is cathartic and there is no stressing about making sure things come in your size, the store being crowded, or not being able to afford shit. You just look for shiny, pretty things and pin that bitch right to your wall.
Oh hai adorable purse. You are almost $300. Let me pin you.
Re-watching old episodes of BBC's Sherlock and impatiently waiting for season three. If you have not seen the show, get on that. It is on Netflix. Go. Go now.
I'm not a psychopath. I'm a high functioning sociopath.
Started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the first time ever. I know, I know...stop judging me.
Oh the nineties...I had forgotten about your fashion and your slang.
And lastly, this gag reel from the show Firefly. For those of you who have never watched Firefly, I thought we were friends. I...I don't even know who you are anymore. That shit is on Netflix, so put it in your goddamn queue and bask in its awesomeness.
Curse your sudden, but inevitable betrayal!
Parting remarks: Have a good weekend everyone, and if you are in a country that celebrates Veterans/Armistice Day, please thank a soldier for their service. Freedom isn't free.


Charleen said...

I've never watched Buffy either.

Amber Holt said...

Buffy is awesome! I have the seasons on DVD. Don't judge, I was 15 when it started and 19 when it ended. Also David Boreanaz as Angel...Hello! Need I say more?

Ingrid_Rook said...

Re-watching Firefly for the (possibly 5th time?) role-playing game we're going to be starting soon. I plan on making my character be a slash of Simon & Jayne. But my name is going to be "Holiday"...get it, Doc Holiday. "Oh, you're gonna need stitches there Scratch. Let me get my good bedside manner. Oh wait, I didn't have room for it in my gambling kit." *stabs with a needle* My group is going to love me.... :]

Melissa Bloechl said...

Charleen: It's pretty awesome if you can tune out some of the worst 90's slang and fashion choices. I am about halfway through the second season.

Amber: David Boreanaz. Rawr. Ahem, I mean he is a fantastic actor and I am a huge fan of him on Bones too...meow.

Ingrid_Rook: Hahahahahaa! That is quite possibly the most awesome character mash-up ever!

Valerie said...

I once saw and elk beat the ever loving crap out of an ostrich, killing him by breaking his neck against a tree.

Seriously... True story.



Melissa Bloechl said...

That must have been an epic fight. Were they in the Thunderdome? Tell me they were in the Thunderdome...

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