Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Shit – 11/30/12

So, it is the end of another week. A very stressful, sad week for me but it is slowly getting better.

Fun fact of the day: During a solar eclipse, the temperature can drop as much as 20 degrees (That is in Fahrenheit, which is approximately 6-7 degrees Celsius, I think...).
In other words, it is like a normal day in New England.
Anyway, here is some cool/funny shit I saw this week:

The Parent Rap. These parents are legit yo.
Rollin' with their own little yeah.
The latest Ask A Mortician video, which is all about donating your corpse to science. It is a fascinating subject to me. If you want to know more about what happens or could happen to your body post-you, you should read the book Stiff by Mary Roach. It is awesomesauce.
"Yeah? Well, I'm gonna donate my body to...math...?"
Are you technologically dependent? I have to say...I do most of these things. Except bringing my phone in the bathroom. Then it will get butt germs on it, and that isn't cool.
Watching TV WHILE fiddling with my phone? I am a fucking multitasker.
Strippers, alligators, AND weed? WTF?!
Little known fact: Strippers and alligators make terrible guards for your weed stash.
A heart-warming story for this time of year. No, seriously it is really a wonderful heartwarming story. Involving boots. Which you have probably all seen on the news by now, but I don't care.
Possibly even this boot.
An hour of the amazing Lord of the Rings soundtrack played live.
That guy is totally thinking,"Could I be more badass right now
WITHOUT setting myself on fire? Nope!"
And that is it for this week.


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