Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Shit – 11/16/12

Hello all! We made it to the end of another week and I for one am so glad it is over. I have been in last minute project hell for the whole week. Why does nobody plan that shit out?!

Anyway, fun random factGiraffes are the only animals born with horns.
"You are so lucky I love you, because
giving birth to you SUCKED." - Mom Giraffe
Pinterest has made it so you can have three "secret" boards that no one can see but you. I have been hoping they would do this forever!
Now I can pin all my porno...I mean...uh...Christmas gifts...?
I love news anchor fails. Anchors and reporters are usually so serious about everything while they tell you all about everything bad that happened that day, so it is funny to see them seriously mess up.
Hahaha! She said "dick"!
I think that this is what most guys do when they are home alone. Except David wouldn't do the the finger toothbrush thing. And he would definitely not poop with the door open, as he locks the door even when I am home. I think he is scared that people (or me?) will sneak up and straight-up murder him while he is dropping a deuce and then everyone will remember him as the dude who died on the toilet whilst making a tootsie roll...
Do I have a safe location to poop?
This isn't even fair. This girl is playing the violin while playing "Hop Mario" with the difficulty set to super hard. I can't even do either of those things independently.
And she got a perfect score. WTF.
I had my first massage ever and it was very nice. Here is a link to the spa I went to. I have felt calm and haven't had a panic attack since, which is amazing.
Sue, you have magic Reiki skills.
And that is it for this week. Not a very long list, like I said work has been all like "you are actually going to do work at work" so I haven't had as much time to be Spidey on the interwebs.

Hope you all have a totally awesome weekend. See ya Monday :-)


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