Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Shit – 7/26/13

Hi guys. It has been a rough, draining week emotionally for me. I'm still combating the residual effects of the week-long panic attack and dealing with a bout of depression.
Pretty much sums up how I feel right now.
Here is an awesome video about recognizing that depression is real, that it isn't just about feeling sad and that we aren't going to get anywhere by ignoring it and hoping it will take care of itself. Thank you Facebook friend for the link, even though it wasn't specifically posted to my page, it really came at a good time.
I had a superior at work tell me that depression isn't real and that I should "get over it."
Anyway, no need for me to depress all of you. I still managed to find some good stuff this week, starting with the fun fact of the week: Karaoke is a word from Japan that was formed by joining two words kara- from karappo which means empty; and oke which is a short form for Okesutura and means orchestra. The full name karaoke means "empty orchestra".
Hello? Shit, where are all the musicians?!
Well...Buckle up bitches, I'll just have to sing this thing.
And now, HAPPY SHIT! Fuck yeah.

First up, the Dalek Relaxation Tape.
I came across the Off the Great Wall channel on YouTube this week and there are quite a few funny videos, like this one: N.A.N.N.Y. for Chinese Students.
Results in 24 hours!
And this one from the same channel: Christmas with Chinese Parents.
For those who don't get the Tiger Christmas thing, Tiger Mom and Eagle Dad are what the stereotypical over-bearing Chinese parents are called.
And the style of the last video was based on the POWERTHIRST video, which is an old one, but I think it is hilarious.

And Men Explain: Purses.
"Imagine there are no pockets..."
I don't have to imagine. THAT IS THE WORLD I LIVE IN. Women's clothing has a disturbing lack of usable pockets, thus we carry a purse. Mystery: SOLVED.
And Men Explain: Tampons. looks like a manta ray...
And a brand new True Facts: Owls.
Baby owls look like a cotton ball that grew a face. And legs.
And that is it for this week. I really need to get back into my Monday writing schedule...


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OMG... The Dalek relaxation tape made my week!



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