Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy Shit – 7/19/13

Hello everybody.

I am terribly sorry about last week and the lack of Happy Shit. Here is what went down: I had a panic attack that lasted all week (apparently that can happen), culminating an ER visit for hives and both aching and shooting pain in my right shoulder, upper back, and intercostal muscles (the ones that overlay your ribs). 
The green circled areas indicate where the "owies" were.
The people at the ER proceeded not to listen to me about my other symptoms (scattered and racing thoughts, rapid heart beat, general feelings of doom) and basically implied that I was wasting their time with a pulled muscle. They gave me a muscle relaxant prescription and sent me away. That night, I took said prescription and although it knocked me out for 2.5 hours, I was back to pain and awfulness right after that, so I went to see my regular doctor and she put me on a muscle relaxant and anti-anxiety medication which worked awesomely. All in all, I am okay now, though I still feel emotionally drained.

Now, weather update: WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK MOTHER NATURE?! It has been hotter than fried hell here and twice as humid for the past two weeks.
And, for once, I am okay with that.
And now fun fact for last week: The plastic things on the end of shoelaces are called aglets
Not to be confused with aiguillettes, which are the same damn thing but only for decorative purposes, like on military uniforms.
And fun fact for this week: Though illegal in most parts of the world, dueling is legal in Paraguay as long as both parties are registered blood donors.
My name is Indigo Montoya and I am a BLOOD DONOR!
And now, HAPPY SHIT!

The Wolverine movie comes out next week and I am cautiously excited about it.
And I don't care what anyone says, I like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.
Flula has though of many sequels to Sharknado.
This is one of the first images that came up when I searched for cow-nami...not really what I was going for, but I like it.
This gif on how to tell when a dog has been in the water too long almost made me pee.

 And this collection of uncomfortably sexual logos (thank you Facebook friend).
The words say "breeding centre," but the logo says Chimpanzee Fisting Centre.
Taylor Davis is starting to post some of her own work instead of just doing covers. I think this piece is rather lovely.

 This gif of a penguin sliding along, not giving a shit.
Not one penguin shit was given.
This cute short film entitled Traffic Warden (starring David Tennant) about finding love. Kinda reminds me of Paperman.
Just David Tennant, doing his David Tennant thing...
The official trailer for the second installment of the Hobbit!
I love these books. Have I mentioned that? Because I do.
And this photo made me laugh (Valerie, I thought of you...)
Fuck yeah, Gambit.
And this gif of an outraged cat.

And finally, the comment I got on this photo today (which I shared on my Facebook page because I share horribly wrong photos everyday) made me laugh forever.  My coworkers thought something was wrong with me...well, more than usual.
"As if clowns weren't creepy enough, now someone expects people to wash their hands using bubbly clown semen."
Thank you, Facebook friend. Thank you.
I hope you all are staying cool and that you have awesome plans for the weekend.
I have high hopes that mine will include copious amounts of napping.


Anonymous said...

i <3 Gambit. he was always my fav.
i love the 'lack of scratch post' kitty gif.

Valerie said...

I need that Gambit on a tshirt!!!! So. Friggin. Awesome.



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