Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy Shit – 3/8/13

Hi guys, this is going to be really quick because today is REALLY busy and I lost my damn debit card so I have to stop at the bank on my way home to get a new one and still make it to my hair appointment on time because I NEED TO BE PRETTY...GAH!

Fun fact of the week: Did you know that you can type "repeat" (like this: or "listenonrepeat" (like this: into the web address in YouTube and it will repeat any video in a loop?
I find this useful at work for music.
Now, some happy shit! YAY!

This video of Emma Pickles getting her makeup done by her blindfolded boyfriend.
This video that was shared by George Takei earlier this week on gay marriage.
Will you still love me?
Let's hope it doesn't come to that...
And FINALLY a new episode of Ask A Mortician! YAY!!!!!
My cat is a burden on my resources and her
breath smells like the sulfurous banks of hell,
but I still like her more than I like most people...
And this version of the Harlem Shake might be my new favorite...
This video of a penguin...laughing? purring?...uh...making an adorable noise. The noise occurs at the end of the video and it is EXTREME in its cuteness.
My name is Cookie. I am adorable.
This post (which includes the penguin video above) which challenges you not to saw "awww" at all through the entire thing.
I had no illusions. I knew I would say "aww."
This video in which Sasquatch explains that he is not a monkey.
I am not a monkey, alright? I am a cousin to the Yeti.
Also, this spider can't hide for shit.
Digging a hole and flattening yourself into it isn't hiding.
Although religious in connotation, I think this song is lovely.
A husband and wife collaboration...that really just
isn't fair to have that much talent in your marriage.
David, we have to step it up a notch...
Toodles until next week!


Valerie said...

That Sasquatch video was hilarious!!! I'm man enough to admit that I peed a little.



Melissa Bloechl said...

You might want to get some Depends for that...

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