Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Shit – 3/29/13

Hello all!

It has been a short week for me as I had two doctor's appointments on Monday and therefore missed work (woo!); however, that means I had four days to do five days worth of work (boo...), so that really sucked. Fun fact I learned: women under 30 only have to get their lady parts checked ever three years now, so WOO-HOO!!! Also, here is an awesome picture of me a couple of hours after I got back from the eye doctor.
Because I totally don't look like I have a head injury...
I know a lot of you are celebrating Easter this weekend, and even though technically my Easter isn't until May because Greek Orthodox people have to be different, we are celebrating this weekend anyway because it is a pain in the ass for my family to get time off when no one believes your Easter is different.

See? We even add an extra crosses to our cross. Because more is...super...Jesus...?
Anyway, the fun fact of the week is Easter themed: The reason eggs are used as an Easter symbol is because originally Easter was a pagan holiday celebrating Ishtar, the goddess of fertility. An annual feast was held in her honor to celebrate the rebirth of nature after the soul sucking futility of winter, just after the first full moon of the Spring Equinox. The eggs are a symbol of Ishtar's fertility.
Presumably, eggs were introduced after "placenta hunts" failed to catch on.
I have been watching a lot of documentaries while I work lately, because I love them. Here is one of the more interesting ones I watched this week (There are 5 parts, and I think this link goes to the playlist...maybe...I don't fucking know, the internet hates me sometimes)
Education motherfuckers!
And happy shit! YAY!

Quadruplet babies all laughing at the same time.
It gets a little creepy when they are all in sync, yet it is still adorable.
This kid and his magical yo-yo skills.
Oh it's just a kid playing with a yo-yo...HOLY SHIT.
A young deer frolicking in a mud puddle.
What is it with kids and mud puddles?
Just kidding! I still jump in mud puddles! Only now I have to wash my own damn clothes so it isn't as fun.
My friend Gari the Capybara got a new pond to swim in after his owner (Melly) rudely tore out his old one without asking. Her excuse was that it was overrun with irises. Gari has a Facebook page and a blog, both of which are quite entertaining.
Ponds are for rolling, but so are flooded grassy areas.
Henri Le Chat Noir has a new Friskies commercial!
He looks so adorably unamused.
And this Cockatoo flipping the fuck out.
And this Amazon parrot singing Sponge Bob Squarepants.
Bitch! Shut the fuck up! This is MY jam!
And finally, here is Teddy the Porcupine wishing everyone a very happy Easter.

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you enjoy hunting symbols of fertility! Mine will be of the chocolate variety, because Cadbury Creme eggs are fucking delicious. And made with crack.
Also, the Monday after Easter, they are all on sale. It's like a sign from Jesus that I should eat them all and be fat.


Valerie said...

That deer in a mud puddle was the cutest thing ever. I need to go show everyone I've ever met... Ever.



squashculls said...

I seriously can't get over the placenta hunts comment. It's too hilarious.

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