Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Shit – 1/4/12

Hi! I'm not dead! I have been on vacation with a semi-broken computer at home that belongs to David, I did not want to be the one responsible for making it fully broken...hence the lack of posts.

I hope you had a lovely holiday season, whatever you celebrate. And if you don't celebrate anything, I still hope you had a good last couple of weeks. My Christmas was awesome. Here are a couple of presents I got...well, they are mine in the sense that they are joint gifts that I have to share with David. So, mine.
Motherfucking iPad.
Kick-ass stainless steel microwave.

And then my present from David, even though we don't get each other gifts normally...
Holy shit! Wampa mit!
(Did you see that Dr. Seuss rhyming shit I did there? Yeah. That's how I roll.)
That's right people, I am the proud owner of the WAMPA ICE SCRAPER I posted about! And it actually works really well as a scraper, so it isn't just beauty with no substance! HUZZAH!

Anyway, let's jump right in with the fun fact of the week: Coffee was so scarce in WWII Germany that the Allies dropped "coffee bombs" (AKA – big ass bags of coffee) to try and turn the people against the government.
Holy shit! Delicious coffee is what made all those Nazis go to South America to hide!
And now the list of shit that made me happy! YAY!

I love this list of the most WTF animal pictures of the 2012.
Um. I am pretty sure this is illegal in most countries...
This web comic on awful logo design was hysterically accurate...
And then add a LENS FLARE and some COMIC SANS!!!
This video of a crazy cat lady song. Seriously, I almost peed.
No, you can't. Also, some of them are kinda bitey and scratchy...
This guinea pig is IN YOUR MIND!
I see that you are thinking of...Dude! Ew! WHAT THE HELL?!
I used to like doing cross stitch, but I had nowhere to put the finished products because they aren't really my style. I may pick it up again just to make some of these!
I can think of a few people at the office who are going to get this lovely handmade piece of art!
I think my gmail trash folder knows that I am crazy...
And yes, my gmail background theme is goddamn ninjas.
And lastly, our tiny Taco-rita party (not to be confused with Tacorrhea, which is just horrible) we had last week was awesome, even though we didn't actually have margaritas because the liquor store is a pansy and closed because of the snow storm. We also played Risk, which is a pretty awesome (but very long) game in which you find out that your husband is a huge Genghis Khan-esque douche-cake that likes to take continents from people who don't have that much to begin with...ahem...yes, so it was fun.
Once I owned almost all of Asia...then suddenly, I had nothing.
And that is the list this week. I will be back on the regular schedule of posting now...Well, until some holiday or work or something ruins it again, so see you all on Monday!


Valerie said...

That cat lady video made me pee a little!! ... I should probably do some keggles or something to help with that.



Melissa Bloechl said...

Or hug a cat!

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