Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Let's Talk About My Day

Holy fucking shit guys, this has been the day from hell. Let me tell you about it so I can pour my anger and frustration into something more constructive than beating people. After all, I am too pretty for prison.
Go ahead. Someone throw gasoline on this bitch of a day.
It all began this morning at 2 am. The husband has been sick and having sinus issues lately, so he has been snoring. Last night, he was really loud. In fact, I could HEAR HIM THROUGH MY EARPLUGS. So I went out to sleep on the couch, where I could still hear him.
I will fucking smother you. With love.
My alarm goes off early and I get ready for work. Why early? Because the town has decided to make the main road that goes by my house one way while they do construction (in the middle of fucking winter in New England...yeah...) and of course it goes the exact opposite of the direction I need to go. Oh and it will be staying this way for a fucking YEAR.
Please observe the assholery of this.
The green arrows show my normal route. The purple ones show my new route.
There are also TWO goddamn schools on that road that I now have to go right by,
just as all the kids are getting dropped off.
In addition to the asshattery above, it was snowing this morning. And not just a little "oh, it's so pretty" snow. This was the snow that actively wants to kill you by coating the road in a layer of perma-snow that fuses to the road so even the plows can't scrape it off and feels like you are driving on a slippery cheese grater.
"I have always wanted to drive 20mph on the highway," said no one ever.
I arrive at work, after an hour and a half of slipping and sliding, only to be accosted right away as I walk in the door with a project that needs to be done ASAP and sent out in the overnight mail. Only I don't have all the requisite materials I need to complete my task.
I haven't even unlocked my office or had a fucking cup
of coffee yet. You better be bleeding to death.
I finally get the fabric swatches I need and then I am informed that the person in charge of the project (who lives halfway across the country), has not approved or even seen these swatches and I am supposed to send them to customer. Not cool. So calls are made, people bitch at other people, there is copious amounts of finger-pointing, colors are matched and re-matched, archives of shit older than I am are cracked open, legal precedent is quoted...and there I am, stuck right in the middle as referee and all I wanted to do was send out some damn swatches so I could get back to my regular work.
Someone tell me when you are all done fighting. It better be before 4pm when the mail goes out.
In addition to this, I had several visitors to my office that just wanted to hang out and fucking chat, when it is VERY clear that I was under deadline. I was also visited by a person who proceeded to hack and cough all over my office and me...which by the way? Ew. Cover your damn mouth and get a fucking tissue, you are an adult. Then he informs me that he has the flu.
Gee, thanks asshole for coming in and infecting the rest of us.
I finally get the package out 15 minutes before the deadline for overnight mail. That means it took from 9:30am to 3:45pm to hash this bullshit out. I had barely had time to pee in between the angry-rant calls, so obtaining lunch was out of the question and by the time everything ended, I might as well say "fuck eating" and wait for dinner. As I return to my desk and flop into my chair, hoping for some solitude and quiet, I received two more urgent projects from people who are equally disorganized.
All in all, my brain officially checked out around 2, I have a raging headache from all the douchbaggery, I am hungry and tired and I just want to go home.

Home, however, is an hour away on a good day and it has gotten colder so everything on the roads has frozen solid...I am having an AWESOME fucking day.


Charleen said...

With a title like that, I knew this was going to be bad.

Hopefully your evening is a little more relaxing... at least, before you're serenaded to sleep by the sound of snoring.

Amy the rockin hairdresser said...

Oh Balls. Glad you wrote it out!! You gots to get that shit off your lopsided chest! <3

Amy the rockin hairdresser said...

Oh Balls. Glad you wrote it out!! You gots to get that shit off your lopsided chest! <3

Valerie said...

Ew!! Don't catch the flu!! And if you do, be sure to seek your revenge!!!



Melissa Bloechl said...

I have survived. Thursday was also terrible. Today, a lot of people are on vacation or out sick, so I am keeping out of sight and enjoying the quiet.

Also, I have not caught the flu! I have purchased the mega-size of the Clorox cleaning wipes to keep in my office for when gross people visit.

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