Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy Shit – 1/25/13

The end of another week and it is time for us to forget why it sucked ass and focus and on the good things that happened. Or some shit.

(I fucking love this cat. Seriously.)
Okay, our random fact of the week is: After sustaining trauma to the brain (via injury, stroke, infection, etc.), some people develop alien hand syndrome. The victim can feel the hand, but they have no control over its movement and they no longer sense it as part of themselves.
Oh, sorry! I have alien hand syndrome!
Does it scare you guys that all the random facts I have shared with you I didn't have to look up (other than to verify that I was correct because fact checking is important)?

On to the happy shit!

Here are some designer representations of awful client feedback. I have actually experienced a lot of this kind of "feedback." Yes, it is just as awful as it sounds.
Ummmm...but they raped, pillaged, killed,
and ate babies...okay, maybe not that last one, but still.
 This totally kick-ass Avengers artwork rocks my socks.
I. Am. Iron. Man.
Our favorite mortician was on a Death Panel! Woo! They discuss different cultures ideas of death, coping with death and the future of the death industry.
Note: Not the kind of death panel that extreme Republicans have warned us about.
This guy's blog is pretty hilarious. I love his entry on reasons his three year old might be flipping out.
Another reason: There is a bird on their head.
And another reason: There ISN'T a bird on their head.
I find this time lapse of Bob Ross painting very soothing.
Happy trees, my friends.
 This short video of 1-week-old bunnies. If you don't squee at this, you have no soul.
Max No Sleeves tells us what guys think about when grocery shopping. I think there might be something wrong with me, as I think a lot of these things...except for the OJ thing, because pulp is fucking disgusting and makes me think of dandruff being in my delicious orangey beverage.
WTF are you trying to tell me lettuce bag?! I don't know what all
your fancy terms mean, I just want some fucking salad.
 Fucking. Cat. Armor. And mouse armor too, because it has to be a fair fight.
All hail Mittens! King of the Cats!
 This squirrel totally screwing up a baseball game.
WAY more entertaining than actually watching a baseball game.
This voice-over of nature footage. Apparently, on the BBC this is an actual show. Why don't we have this?! It is hilarious!
And finally, this video of LMFAO dancing to the Cantina band song. It is amazing how well it lines up to the original song...
We don't serve their kind in here...


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