Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy Shit – 12/7/12

Welcome to the end of another week.

There are 18 shopping days left until Christmas, so panic now if you aren't done with your shopping. I'm not done because I have three people on my list that are impossible to buy for.
They are going to end up with this if they don't come up with some ideas.
Fun fact of the day: Flamingos are pink because of the amount of shrimp they consume.
Check it dude! My ass smells like shrimp too!
And here is the happy shit for this week:

This dude had his face blown off and these doctors gave him a new one.
We called this press conference to see if all of you realize how awesome we are.
If you are feeling a little down, here are 19 people who are having a worse day than you. Number 5 is my favorite.
"Ok, you can do this Stefan. HERE WE GO!"
"Holy shit! I can fly motherfuckers!!! Oh shit..."
This is the most awesome cello duel ever by The Piano Guys. They have lightsaber bows. LIGHTSABER. BOWS.
And Vader rocks out on the accordion. Aw yeah.
Also by The Piano Guys, is this beautiful version of "O Come, Emmanuel" just in time for the Christmas season.
I <3 the cello.
Also, any classical music.
And this version they did of One Direction's "What makes you Beautiful" know what? Just check out all the shit by The Piano Guys. It is awesome.
That's five dudes playing one piano, my friends.
The Bloggess shared via her Facebook on Monday and I almost peed. If you are easily offended just ignore this one...also, why are you here of all places if you are easily offended?!
False, sir. We all know it is kitten videos.
We all know regular gingerbread men and houses are just too mainstream for cool people like us. That is why there are these!
Damn you, red shirt! DAMN YOU!
The opening and closing sequences on this video are AWESOME.
Let your butt be your paintbrush.
I posted this earlier this week on my Facebook, but I still love the message so I am sharing it again.
I wish I had an awesome quiet place like this.
I loved the show Gummi Bears as a kid, so this is awesome. You go, Alicia Keys. You go.
It is important to celebrate diversity. So here is a guide to how different age groups celebrate Christmas by the Oatmeal.
Yeah...that was awesome. I miss that.
This Luvs commercial just makes me laugh hysterically.
Eyes are up here, dude.
And of course, Simon's Cat in "Icecapade".
Dammit! What happened to the water?!
And that is it for this week. I, for one, am glad it is almost over. My plans for the weekend include sleeping, napping and lollygagging.


Amber Holt said...

OMG those are my weekend plans too!

Valerie said...

I am in love with the Star Wars cello video!!!



Melissa Bloechl said...

Amber: My weekend was pretty awesome, but groceries interrupted my plans on Sunday. However, we needed food.

Valerie: I am too. It is so awesome.

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