Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy Shit – 8/9/13

Hi everybody.

I am not better yet, and I'm not going to talk about the huge dump anxiety had taken on my life right now. Suffice it to say, I have been feeling more normal the past couple of days so I put together some stuff for today.

Fun fact of the week: Odontophobia is the fear of teeth.
I am afraid of this fish (called the Sheepshead Drum) and it's creepy human teeth.
Now, let's do this happy shit:

My friend on facebook shared this lovely link with me. I had seen them before, but they are just as disturbing the second time around.
Do you know what that is? Better question: do you WANT to know what that is?
This infographic about the different types of bras.
It isn't that I don't love you Workhorse are the best.
And even though it has been everywhere, it was on my list to share last Friday before everything went all pear-shaped, so TA-DA: The Camp Gyno.
The Red Badge of Courage!
And the new parkour video for Assassin's Creed 4.
Pirate ships? BITCHIN'.
And the behind the scenes footage for the Assassin's Creed 4 parkour video.
I couldn't keep up with these parkour guys and hold a camera.
And the Jenna Marbles Answers Your Questions video.
"Hi, I'm Herman and I pooped in the hotel."
David and I do not watch sports, we watch people play board games on a YouTube show called Tabletop, hosted by Wil Wheaton. In this episode of Not the Flog, he discusses which games have mobile versions so you can play a game on your phone while pooping.
I find HartBeat super hilarious. Here she explains why just because she likes women, it doesn't mean she like to dress like one. Oh and there is some watermelon...yeah.
It gets weird.
And Hart explaining how procrastination works.
Including my new favorite quote,"I am hungrier than Africa right now."
A friend of Hart's talks about life being hard for big and little bitches in this medium sized world.
Being a little bitch with bigger boobs, I get both sides. But I ESPECIALLY understand this.
And that's it for this week.


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