Thursday, June 28, 2012

Roving Lone Chicken

This isn’t a real post. I just had to share that there was a random chicken wandering around the neighborhood last night.
She looked like this, but the bitch would run every time I tried to get a photo.
Upon reflection, I probably looked like a crazy person chasing her around with my phone.
Thanks Chicken for letting the neighbors know I am crazy in addition to knowing I am weird.

Now we live in the wilds of New Hampshire, but we are pretty close to town and in a populated area, so a chicken was not something I expected to see.

All of it is "The Sticks", but it gets more Deliverance-y as you head north.

I immediately yelled for David and we both stood in the front window like, “Holy shit! That’s a chicken!”


After chasing the chicken in an attempt to get a photo and failing...

"Haha, fuck you lady." – Chicken
"I was defeated by a chicken. I am an idiot." – Me
"Yes you are." – David

I (of course) got on facebook and posted, “Holy shit! Roving lone chicken!” Then things got awesomely out of hand.

This is why I love you guys.


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