Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Shit – 4/19/13

Hi all and happy Friday!

It's been a pretty boring week at work for me, so nothing personal to update you guys on.
I did wear my new dress this week though! Isn't it cute?
Obviously I wore a sweater over it, because I didn't want to die of hypothermia.

Fun fact of the week: Jimmy Carter was the first U.S. president to have been born in a hospital.
First bitches!
Now it is happy shit time!

I love this Kmart ad that has been playing on YouTube this week:

I just shipped my bed!
I really love the Dove Real Women campaign. Here is one of their latest pieces and here is my favorite piece.
This isn't beauty. This is fake.
The new web series "Chatroom of Solitude" is hilarious. Here is the trailer, episode 1, and episode 2.
If Evil fucked Evil and had a baby? I'd fuck that baby! That's how evil I am!
For some reason, I can't stop laughing hysterically whenever I see this gif.
Thanks Gollum!
Holy shit, I think I've been using bobby pins wrong.
She just put up all of her hair. With ONE FUCKING BOBBY PIN.
Granted, I think she has thinner hair than mine...but still...
This page of 19 Worst Eyebrows makes me feel better about myself when I feel like I have let my own brows get too Muppety.
Sweet fancy Moses! Get her away from the Sharpies!
I can't remember if I shared this before, but I love the Vegan Black Metal Chef. I'm not even vegan, I just love the whole concept of the show.
The green beans lay on the altar, ready to be sacrificed to the metal gods.
 And this gif is just adorable.
What are you laughing at guys? Guys?
And that is it for this week! I hope you have a lovely weekend and I will hopefully see you all on Monday.


Valerie said...

I saved that eyebrow link... For when I am having a bad day. Hilarious!



Melissa Bloechl said...

You should photoshop different brows onto Sad Keanu.

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