Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy Shit – 4/12/13

Hi guys, I posted this past Monday! FUCK YEAH!

Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time today to put this together, but I didn't want to leave you with nothing because I love you. Let's do this shit.

Fun fact of the week: Opossums with an "O" are either North or South American. Possums with a "P" are found in Australia or New Guinea.
This is an Australian possum. Surprisingly, it doesn't want to kill you like the rest of the continent.
And now, Happy Shit! FUCK YEAH!

Here are 25 types of people on a date.
Tell you what, you ain't orderin' SHIT. You eatin' some CORNFLAKES.
The Star Trek: Next Generation Theme completely acappella by Chris Thompson.
Space. The final frontier.
A song about pimpin' lady 'staches. It is hilarious.
Back then, I'd dress it up with a bracelet and a bow. Now I accessorize above my lip and below my nose.
And a new Epic Rap Battles of History between Skrillex and Mozart!
I have always enjoyed some Mozart. Fuck yeah, Amadeus.
This gif of dudes "swimming laps" in a hallway.
I should have tried this in high school, but that floor was fucking maybe not.
And this gif of a hedgehog trying to escape his hat-prison.
YES! SUCCESS!....Dammit.
And this gif of an old guy in his Hover Round at a protest.
He says,"Fuck the po-po."
And finally, Dobbye the Capybara is at it again. This time he dumps a bag of used guinea pig shavings.
What do you mean, "No, it's not for Dobbye"? All of the things are for Dobbye! ALL OF THEM.
And I really, really have to go do things now. Sorry again for this being so short. Hopefully I will "see" you on Monday!


Valerie said...

OMG. Now I gotta go put my my daughters hedgehog in a hat!



Melissa Bloechl said...

I thought about putting my guinea pig in a hat, but he wouldn't try to escape. He would just poop and go to sleep.

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