Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Shit – 2/8/13

Yay! It is the end of another boring, completely full of work week for me and today we here in New England are set to be walloped by a wicked gigantic snowstorm.
Seriously, what the shit Mother Nature?
Also, I would like to point out that even though the National Weather Service has asked them quite forcefully to stop naming storms besides hurricanes, the Weather Channel continues to do so.
Nemo? Really Weather Station? Stop. Just stop.
Anyway, on to the fun fact of the week! Most Muppets are left-handed because most puppeteers are right-handed, and they operate the Muppet's head with their dominant hand. Muppets operated by more than person, such as Swedish Chef, are usually right handed.

Now, to the list of shit that made me happy this week! YAY!

This video of a pug bouncing up the stairs.

If your legs were as short as mine, you would climb the stairs like that too asshole.
And The Platypus Song. WARNING: This song will get stuck in your head.
And this office supplies commercial.
I imagine there are a lot of paper cuts in this office.
I rediscovered this video this week. This is what people in Northern Massachusetts often sound like (I should know, part of my family is from Lowell...yeah...). WARNING: Copious amounts of fake blood are involved!
Be the baddest dude in Revere. JACK CHOP!
This is so cute. Clearly this person loves this fish.
Wheelchair for a fish is called...a floaty chair?
This is serious subject but they really do an awesome job with it.
Studies have shown that women are more likely to
watch a video with a hot guy in it. Not that guy.
This version of Ode to Joy by Beaker.
And finally, The End of the World by Albino Black Sheep. It is an older video (2003 I think?) but I love it so much.
And Australia is down there like,"WTF mates?"
Hopefully my life will stop being boring and so filled with work soon. I want to get back on a regular schedule with the blog.


Charleen said...

That end of the world video is so many kinds of awesome. I say "I am le tired" all the time, to which my husband replies, "So have a nap... zen fire ze missiles!"

Man, that is a sweet Earth, you might say.

Mars is laughing at us.

Alaska can come too.

Yeah, I don't remember when I first saw that, but it was obviously made sometime 2000-2008 since it showed GWB as president.

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